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The clinic management ERP software is designed for outpatient medical practices and ensures better patient treatment, observe productivity and customer service. It streamlines the clinic care administration process.

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Patient History

Doctors can save the detailed health records of recurring patients and provide detailed insights about their physical wellness.

Patient Management

This software allows clinics to provide high quality patient experience from scheduling to checkout after visitation.

Appointment & Scheduling

The software offers a comprehensive scheduling module that allows clinics to arrange appointments for doctors. Patients can also book their appointments online as well as in the clinic.

Outpatient Management

This clinic management software enables staff to schedule appointments for outpatients instantly.

Dispensary Management

Clinic owners can use the exquisite features to run pharmacy stores as well.

Store Management

The software offers thorough inventory management features to manage all the important items for hospitals.


The software features a friendly user interface that can be customized and scaled as per the needs of a healthcare setup. Based on the intuitive reports provided by the software, users can monitor the performance of doctors

Complete visibility of your inventory

Availability of stock is visible while billing the patient, quickly glance the available stock while placing new order, enables effective calculation of stock replenishment point and prevent shortage of medicines.

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